Gutter Clear
making it easy to maintain Churches in the Diocese of Gloucester

Using the GutterClear scheme is very straightforward

GutterClear helps you find an experienced maintenance contractor easily.  It is just as if you were selecting and instructing a contractor to service your boiler or inspect your electrics. Some contractors mostly use ladders; others use mobile access platforms (or “cherry pickers”), or a combination of the two.

First Step

First, download and read the Standard Specification and Terms & Conditions in the Information Pack.

These set out what the contractors do and the contractual terms on which they are prepared to do it.

All the contractors are accredited by Maintain our Heritage, on the basis of their experience, their health & safety policies and insurance cover for the buildings on which they work, so saving you the effort of having to do this yourself.

Second Step: request a Quotation

Go to the Getting a Quotation page, and follow the links to the contractors’ own web sites. Select one or more and call or (better) email them to ask for a quotation.

There will be no charge for the quotation. Many churches may already have received a quotation in 2007-2009, which will need to be renewed.

Third Step: Consider the Quotation(s) and contact the chosen contractor

Consider the resulting quotation(s) and make your selection, and arrange a date for the visit directly with the contractor. The contractor will then send you an invoice in the usual way for you to pay.

Other Contractors

GutterClear does not affect parishes’ freedom to employ who they like to maintain their gutters, or to use volunteers. It’s entirely voluntary.

If you have a contractor who might like to be accredited by GutterClear, please encourage the contractor to contact Maintain our Heritage to be considered for this.

Just look at these two photos. The exterior view shows that a gutter or downpipe is blocked: a common maintenance issue – easily fixed. But look at the effect on the interior: the (1-metre thick) wall is covered in green mould.

Once the gutter fault is fixed, it will take 30 years for the damp to leave the wall.

a leaking gutter may not look serious
..but can cause serious damage
It gets worse: wet rot, dry rot and beetle attack all start with water ingress.  Then it’s all downhill into huge bills for repairs and the vast amount of effort need to fundraise for them and get the appropriate consents.